"Here are some heartfelt Testimonials"


"When we moved here and our son stared at Little Bear's, he hardly had any English. He was only little and had to adjust to a whole new environment and language. The staff at Little Bear's were absolutely amazing, working with us to help him settle in, always being incredibly kind and understanding. They always listened when we had any comments or questions and tried to put in place any measures we had discussed. The staff, in general, are all simply wonderful!"

Isabelle R

"My son loves going to Little Bears. He is encouraged to learn, have fun and develop. Outdoor and indoor play are balanced well and given equal importance. Regular structured activity is themed each week to the learning intentions and as a parent, i feel really connected to my son's day through the weekly updates and daily information chats with his keyworker. Little Bear's has responded excellently to the pandemic and I have every confidence in his health and care in this amazing and caring nursery."

Helen G

"Little Bears is a very nurturing nursery. They worked with me and gave me ample time and space to settle my firstborn into the nursery. Both my children have been extremely happy there and always come home bubbling over stories. Excellent, highly qualified staff who are always engaged and treat each child as an individual." 

Clare S

"Little Bears Day-Care is a fantastic nursery and surrounded with beautiful nature which is one of the reasons we chose it. Our daughter has a wonderful time at Little Bears, learning, having fun and being outdoors. All the activities she does are well planned to help with development. We are very impressed with the level of care my child receives and the staff are friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic. We would highly recommend this nursery to any parent or carer."

Soiwyaw L

"Our three year old started at Little Bears Day-Care last September when we moved to Weybridge from London. She had been at her previous nursery for over two years so we were nervous about the transition. The staff at Little Bears Day-Care made the transition so smooth albeit, during a very tumultuous Covid-19 time, we could not believe how easily she settled. She has thrived at Little Bears Day-Care and looks forward to going every single day. She has made so many friends and adores all the teachers. They have a unique way of putting the children's social development first while teaching the fundamentals like phonics and numbers during the fun activities that the kids enjoy. The nursery's location is idyllic. Set within a retirement village, it feels secure, peaceful and spacious with ample opportunity to explore the outdoors with activities like a forest school and playball. We could not recommend it more! As an added bonus the drop-off and pick up situation is incredibly smooth as it's on a private road with lots of parking."

Ceylan G

"Thank you so much for all your help and getting us to this stage. You guys are awesome and great to see how confident and happy he is! On Thursday morning he was singing about how excited he was to come to nursery! Thank you'

Alexander T


"Little Bears is a fantastic setting with a team of wonderful key workers who are extremely friendly, engaged, helpful and enthusiastic about caring for and teaching our little boy. Our child loves the daily meals and snacks. There are always a few fun occasions planned throughout the year (unless a pandemic gets in the way). The nursery came highly recommended by a friend and we have in turn recommended it to a number of friends, who've since enrolled their kids."

Rista V

"Little Bears environment is warm and calming with plenty of free play as well as set up activities for all children if they choose. All staff are caring and professional putting you at ease knowing your child will enjoy their seasons. I am always impressed that at each pick up (yes every day!) I have a full debrief of how my son has been that day, what activities he's done and how he has eaten, As well as regular updates on a private 'elog' account and weekly nursery emails. I always feel able to chat with managers and key workers about any questions be it about development or nursery. Every member of staff knows every child making the setting feel very like a family. Nursery food is excellent with a cook on site. Fresh fruit and healthy cooked meals are made daily. The nursery is clean and COVID-free. The balance of free play and structured learning in a village feel environment makes the nursery a lovely place for any child to grow."

Sarah W

 "The manager and her brilliant team of teachers are a parents dream come true. Both my daughters attend Little Bears full time and they are both so happy to go every morning. It's not just a nursery but a home away from home. The children have both thrived and as a full time working mum I feel happy and confident that they are getting the best care at Little Bears. The setting is fabulous and set in the beautiful grounds of Whiteley Village where the children get to explore the grounds on a weekly basis- incorporating forest school! I saw a number of nurseries before Little Bears and knew from the moment I walked in that it was most definitely the best in the area for my girl's needs. I highly recommend Little Bears to anyone looking for a home away from home for their Little ones."

Janine D

"We picked Little Bears because of the idyllic setting and surroundings of the nursery. We could only have hoped the nursery itself would be as good as it has been for the past 2 years! The team are attentive, always in great spirits and every single day have our son's best interests at heart. I absolutely applaud their consistency in being able to be so good at their jobs every minute of every day. We will always be grateful and in their debt for the great start our son has experienced, thank you so much to all the staff at Little Bears Day Nursery!"

Tom S

"Little Bears is a wonderful nursery with devoted staff who really care about the children they look after. My daughter has thrived at Little Bears and looks forward to the days that she goes to nursery- she will be sad to leave! They provide a great balance of fun, educational activities throughout the year with a focus on preparation for school. I feel this has really given my daughter the skills that she needs to be ready to start reception class. This includes developing their reading, writing, numeracy and physical education. They have found great ways of making these activities engaging and fun for the children, as well as using the beautiful setting in Whiteley Village and the nursery's own garden to explore and learn about nature. I cannot commend the staff highly enough- they give lots of feedback and it is always apparent how much they care about the children's development and emotional needs."

Charlotte S

"There was an occasion in the run up to Christmas when I was later than expected (much) in picking up my child following closing. One call to them set my mind at rest that he would be ok until I was able to get there which was some considerable amount of time later. The staff member had provided my child with snacks and reassurance that I would be there just as soon as I could. On arrival, my child was happy and unaware of the stress I was under in order to get to the nursery as soon as I could. The staff member was understanding and didnt make me feel any worse that I did about the situation."


"My 2-year-old daughter started at Little Bears in September this year. After a couple of tantrums, she settled very quickly. Her key worker was great, very patient and I felt that she was in knowledgeable hands. She enjoys football and monkey music, nature walks and all the crafts they do there. Always coming home with a new painting or clay model. Constantly singing new songs she has learnt. It is in a lovely, safe setting with lots of outside space. I highly recommend the nursery. I couldn't be happier."

Clare M

"Little Bears is a very special nursery. The manager and her team provide outstanding care and attention to the children, with a special focus on developing social interaction skills from a young age. The nursery has a 'community' feel, aided by the many events involving parents such as harvest festival, 
summer sports day and others.  
At drop off and collection, the staff are very welcoming to both child and parent, and the comprehensive handover at the start and the end of the day is a constant reassurance.  
The recent addition of large computer tablets to develop the children's ICT skills has been very well received and is very engaging for them.
We visited many local nurseries before making our decision to send our son to Little Bears and we can't be more pleased with the choice we made."

      Ian B

"My twin boys have just completed their time at Little Bears. They had an absolutely wonderful time. It is an extremely caring, happy and nurturing environment. The staff were always ready to speak to you about your child and I found that very valuable and reassuring. They were also very helpful during
the potty training process.
Within a couple of weeks’ of attending Little Bears, my children were settled and walked in each morning very happily. They were kept well entertained throughout the mornings that they were there and were fed well. They also very much enjoyed playing with the other children who were there. I would very much recommend this nursery. We were extremely sad to leave!"

   Kirsteen D

"I moved my daughter from her previous nursery as Little Bears was more convenient. I was worried about moving her and unsettling her, but she settled into Little Bears straight away and loves it!"


"Our son attended Little Bears and has only recently left due to him starting school in September. When we first visited we knew it was the right nursery for him. Our experience there has been nothing but outstanding. The staff are so friendly and caring and it was always a pleasure to speak with them.
The grounds are fabulous with such an amazing space that the nursery make good use of. Food is prepared and cooked on site. You’re also able to see not only what your child ate but how much. Key dates are celebrated giving the children, parents and staff the opportunity to get together. The nursery will continually keep you up to date with your child’s progress. Overall our son loved going in and always enjoyed his time there. He went in with a smile and always came out with a smile. I can not recommend Little Bears enough. Thank you for making his stay so memorable."

   Nina D

"I moved my daughter from her previous nursery as Little Bears was more convenient. I was worried about moving her and unsettling her, but she settled into Little Bears straight away and loves it!"


"I am delighted with the care and support my twin boys receive from Little Bears. We have never had any issues with the boys refusing to attend and they are always excited to go. I am particularly impressed by the nursery staff's attention to detail."


"My daughter absolutely loves Little Bears! Such a friendly atmosphere, excellent staff, constant entertainment and learning, brilliant activities and amazing food. All this plus being in such a picturesque surroundings that the children can enjoy and explore. My daughter was shy and clingy when she started Little Bears but now she is outgoing and independent. I would highly recommend to anyone to take their child to Little Bears!"


"My twins have been at Little Bears Day-Care for 5 months and they've settled in so well. The staff are so attentive to their needs and really encourage the boys to progress in all areas. I love the online eyLog so I can get up to date photos and comments about what they have done each day. The management is extremely accomadating and flexible and does everything they can to make life easy for parents and children!"


"My daughter settled really easily and the staff were so caring and kind. My daughter can't wait for her nursery days and it is lovely hearing about the huge variety of activities each day. The outside garden and having such a large outside space to explore within secure grounds was one of the reasons we chose this nursery. I would definitely recommend this nursery and have done to friends."



"I have had a very pleasant experience with Little Bears. My son loves going to nursery, he enjoys spending time with his teachers. He is excited about all the new things he will do for the day. I would definitely recommend this nursery."



"After a bad experience with a local nursery, we moved our son to Little Bears. He settled in so well and we have been delighted with the whole Little Bears experience. It’s a fantastic setting and the holistic approach to learning brings in so many different elements. From the mud kitchen to cooking with the chef, from little group learning sessions to big adventures in the local surroundings. Our son has received the highest level of care and attention. The Nursery workers are a professional team who have a genuine connection with the children they teach. The management are caring, approachable and always available to help and to listen. We will be incredibly sad to leave."



"My daughter has been attending since Jan 2018 and absolutely loves going! She even wants to go on the weekends. She participates in so many different activities and brings beautiful creations home. She has built great relationships with the staff and enjoys seeing her friends every day. The food is also fantastic, so healthy and nutritious, my daughter has seconds most days! I’m very happy we chose Little Bears, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!"



"Little Bears nursery is absolutely fantastic, our daughter started Little Bears in June 2017 and the staff at Little Bears have been amazing, they are all so kind and caring. All the staff know the children so well and provide such person-centred care to all of the children."



"My daughter has been attending Little Bears since September 2017 and she settled in so quickly. On non-nursery days she always asks if she can go and when I pick her up I sometimes struggle to get her to leave! The staff are attentive, informative and caring. The facilities are good and my daughter's eating habits have improved significantly. I would highly recommend this nursery."




"It is going to be nearly a year since our daughter started attending this nursery. We are extremely happy not only with the nursery but with how much she loves going there. Before this, she was attending another nursery and although she looked happy then and there, now we can see that Little Bears has made a big difference in her life, she is a much happier little one, and of course, we are delighted."



"My son started at Little Bears in July and I was amazed at how quickly he settled in. He was so well taken care of, cuddles where given when needed, which I always found very reassuring. Now he loves it so much he says bye to me as soon as I drop him off. The surroundings are lovely with lots of outside space and greenery. There is so much on offer for the children here. I highly recommend Little Bears."



"My son has settled very well at Little Bears. He has loved going and separates easily from me. The standard of care is excellent and the staff are kind, nurturing and caring."



"We have had a wonderful experience at Little Bears. Our daughter has been through three moves in the last year due to unforeseen circumstances and we were worried about how we were going to get her settled into a new place. Little Bears welcomed her with open arms and helped us ease her into another new environment. Three weeks in and she was waking up at the weekends asking to go to school! The team are so lovely, warm and caring and they show the kids so much patience and love. We are very happy with our choice of nursery. Thank you, Little Bears"



"My child has been attending Little Bears since March 2017 and we couldn't be happier. He is currently there 2 days a week and absolutely loves going. He's so excited on nursery mornings and I struggle to get him to leave at the end of the day!

Communication is great, the girls listen to everything we mention and nothing is ever forgotten. And at the end of the day you are given a full run through of what they've done, what they've eaten, how long they've napped for. We really are so pleased that we have Little Bears on our doorstep, and have found that our son has thrived and developed so well since starting at Little Bears 4/5 months ago. Would recommend to anyone (and have done so to many friends)"



"Little Bears is a very welcoming and nourishing nursery. My 2-year-old daughter loves it! The leaders are so good with the kids and my daughter learns so much. I would rate this setting 5 out of 5 and highly recommend!"



"Our daughter (3) attends Little Bears twice a week and we couldn't be happier with the care that she receives. We chose this nursery on the basis of the fabulous setting within Whiteley Village with more than adequate indoor & outdoor space for little ones to run around in. The fact that it was relatively smaller than some of the other local nurseries, thus providing a more nurturing and inclusive environment, and our confidence in the staff after meeting Nina and listening to her ideas and intentions with regards to the development of Little Bears from a start-up nursery. We haven't been disappointed on any counts; our daughter has thrived since she started (Feb 2017) with a notable improvement in her general understanding and confidence and has developed a great relationship with all of the staff members, a testament to their pleasant, caring and attentive nature. There is a great balance between learning and play and the facilities are fantastic. I would highly recommend it"



"Our son has been attending Little Bears Nursery since March 2017. From day one when we went for our settling in sessions, I have found Little Bears to be a warm and welcoming place with such a great open space both inside and outside. The staff are warm, friendly and attentive to my child's needs.
Little Bears provides a wonderful learning environment. The nursery is well equipped with quality toys and resources, everything is looked after very well and the nursery always looks fresh and clean. The outdoor space is lovely with lots of ride on toys, mud kitchen, teepee and is constantly being improved to enhance the children's learning experiences.
The nursery provides a good balance of free play and structured learning. There is always great communication at pick up time and staff provide some lovely details about what my son has been up to that day.
Having not settled well in a prior nursery, he is excited to come to the nursery which I think speaks volumes for this fantastic nursery"



"We have been delighted with Little Bears since our son joined in February 2017. Little Bears is tucked away overlooking the picturesque cricket green in the heart of Whiteley Village. Inside the space has been very well planned with areas for toys, role play, a reading corner, and separate chill out area/nap room. Custom built children's bathrooms are also easy to navigate from the main room, making it perfect for potty training.

Each day a variety of activities are set out in clusters in the main room for the children. The experienced team are positive and organised and successfully strike the balance between giving me peace of mind as a parent (safety, security, continuous learning and development, genuinely creating an individual approach for my child) as well as a fabulous free-flowing, fun, nurturing and friendly atmosphere. We saw an immediate improvement in language skills and general happiness of our son who is really fond of the staff and setting"



"My daughter has been attending Little Bears nursery since November, my partner and I have noticed a huge change in her speech. They are very good at getting the children to become independent and have them doing everything they are capable of. The staff are amazing and very on the ball with all the children. They have them doing all sorts of crafty bits and bobs and I must say they are very creative!

The first thing that drew us to choose this nursery was the location. I don't feel like my child could be in a safer environment with a huge cricket green on the doorstep of the nursery which is well kept and I believe the children make use of this space too, which in my eyes is a massive bonus.

My child is quite a fussy eater but somehow the staff here manage to get her to eat everything I can't and that I will be forever thankful for"



"Little bears has been a blessing in disguise for my son and I. The staff are experienced, caring and flexible. The setting is just adorable where it's calm colourful relaxing and playful all in one. My son has learned about different countries and celebrations across the world and comes home learning new words daily.

I can not praise the staff enough for the support they have given me and brings a tear to my eye just talking about them. My son has settled so quickly and thoroughly loves being there and constantly talks about activities, the yummy food and how he loves the girls.
Thanking you all so so much."



"Little bears is a lovely, intimate nursery located in the very peaceful and quiet setting of whiteley village. Our daughter has formed very strong relationships with the staff who are all very kind, caring and attentive. The children enjoy a wide range of activities and are able to go for walks and explore the grounds which is quite unique for a nursery. I would highly recommend this nursery to other prospective parents and children."



"Since harleys joined little bears I have noticed a huge difference in his attitude he enjoys coming to nursery he loves his new friends that he has made he is also very excited to see kat, he is a fussy eater since joining he's eating more and also it has helped with his speech he is very behind with talking I have noticed he is trying to say a lot more words! I am very happy that we chose to put him in little bears he enjoys it very much, the staff are also very friendly I would definitely recommend other parents to try their children here!"


"I am so pleased with the quality of care my son receives at Little Bears. He is excited to go every morning and thoroughly enjoys his time there, always wanting to stay longer! The staff are very friendly and professional, and I feel comfortable and confident leaving my son in their safe hands."



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  • Qualified & Experienced Staff
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  • Flexible Childcare Options


"My son has settled so quickly and thoroughly loves being there and constantly talks about activities, the yummy food and how he loves the girls"

Kirsty 

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